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Ice Road Truckers

Lisa Kelly is back!



Your favourite Alaskan Ice Road icon is back, Lisa Kelly returns to prove she's still got what it takes to truck with the best.



Starts tonight at 10pm!

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Counting Cars


It's one of Danny's favourite cars. It has the potential to be the biggest flip in the history of Counts Customs.


It just drove past Scott on the highway...the chase is on! 


Thursdays 9pm! 


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Storage Wars

Storage Wars



New lockers, new battles, same old barry.



Brand new episodes of Storage Wars Tuesdays 9pm! 



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Mountain Men

Mountain Men



Meet the men who live off the grid and off the land.


Fighting grizzly bears and freezing cold conditions is just apart of their day-to-day. 


Brand new series Wednesdays 10pm from 18 September!


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Pawn Stars UK

Pawn Stars UK



They're Pawn Stars and they're British!


Find out everything you need to know about the British Pawn Stars.


Mondays 9pm.


British Pawn

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Did You Know?

Gold rush:   Around the Port of San Francisco, a plot of land worth $16 before the gold rush, after, would change hands for $45,000....
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Storage Wars
Storage Wars

Is that the sound of money? It's a brand new series and the lockers just keep on getting better. 

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Ice Road Truckers
Ice Road Truckers

The queen of the ice roads is back!

Truck Yeah

Mountain Men
Mountain Men

What is the life of a Mountain Man? Come this way to find out.

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Shipping Wars
Shipping Wars

From lions to rockets, these guys will ship anything!

Let's Haul!

Book Club
Book Club

Visit our brand new Book Club where we bring you what’s hot in history fact and fiction.

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